‘De-press’ Social media validation


May 6, 2020

Double-tap       Double tab       Scroll! Scroll! Omg, My friends are having so much fun let me comment on it but wait they just uploaded the post if I like it now, they will think I have no life. Let me also upload a picture of Clubbing from last week but everyone knows its of last week because I had put a status. I will go out tomorrow and take a picture in my new dress. I will definitely get 300+ likes and everyone will see how much I’m enjoying too. Still scrolling the feed. Oh its been 1 hour now, now I can comment or else tomorrow when I upload they will not comment on my photo.

Let’s take a pause from scrolling social media feed and look into ourselves. We feel obligated to have fun to look the fun-type. In the efforts that we put to look cool, we forget what we love and don’t invest our time doing what we love. This causes unhappiness and unsatisfaction with ourselves. By doing things which will look cool for others on social media we give them control of our life. We never truly seek happiness from social media validation, it is momentary. Ask yourself what makes you happy. If going on a trek is what u love rather than clubbing, do it. Be affirmative and live the life you love!

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