Perception differs, and so does the preferences. As a fully-integrated healthcare advertising agency, we provide you with the best view that would delight the sight you are looking for. It's like we drive your eyes towards the exact window pane that will give your customers the desired view of your brand.

Brand Communication mainly influences the stakeholders in the Company. The stakeholders are the Employee, Sponsors, Customers, and Investors too. Our strategies for the brand involve a custom mix of traditional and digital channels.
As a team at EVAH, we help create ideas into actionable strategies and help you execute them. We enhance this by understanding the need and brainstorming with the whole team. We churn out all the creativity out of our head and put onto our whiteboard.
Campaign activation is crucial for any brand as it involves clubbing experimental, digital, and physical activity in refined details to create success. This activity impacts many of your target users in one go.
Ad Productions at Evah will help you to generate sales and opportunities to build a brand name quickly. We also help you oversee how advertisements are placed on the website, newspapers, radio, and many other platforms.
We’ve also started working on employee engagement activities. Companies should never ignore it, as it can help them with more profits due to a highly engaged workforce.
We have an ideal solution to fulfil your medical writing requirements with our expertise. We go through much research and collect valid proof before positioning the brand. Medical publication, medico-marketing communication is the critical element of our services.
Our focus area is to promote, maintain, and restoring brand confidence through many different studies, disease awareness, market research, and KOL engagement programs. .
Any product features can be truly understood once released in an uncontrolled, real-life setting. At EVAH, our medical experts can help you with the collection and analysis of medical information, which will help you further understand your product safety, efficacy, and optimal use.
We cater to all kinds of regulatory needs in various stages of your drug development program.


Our media planning and creativity come together to create a placement for the brand across different channels to reach the best places at the right times. We deliver a perfect strategy to benefit a brand while putting the required amount of media planning into different mediums, including the ATL and BTL activities.

The role of KOL is vital for any Brand. We help in saving the company’s unnecessary delays and help avoid costly mistakes. We cater to managing your Relations with KOLs, Create Value, Prioritizing the engagements, Flexibility, and last but not least, realising it on the ground.
Audio and Video Infomercials are advertisements that aim the right education to the customers about the products and details via Televisions, Radio, Prints, and many others. We help you in preparing them as per your need.
One of the best ways we can help you in achieving brand awareness. Everything is outreach, and we will execute them in a way that will reach many targets at the same time. We help you in contacting various publications with story pitching ideas to secure articles in one attempt.
An effective advertorial and PR is passing relevant information to the targets through various strategies. We strategize and focus on advertorial and sponsored posts on different mediums.


We aspire to bring out exciting campaigns and creatives that have the 'wow' factor. We believe that digital media is the curry where we add up different spices to suit the user's taste.

Every brand is different, and so is the custom campaign that we create for every client. Achieve an increase in leads, awareness, sales, and engagement.
We provide high-quality custom website and application development that will give superior ROI on every penny spent.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a process for paid ads on search results pages. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes your website for free traffic, both of which fall under the vast umbrella of digital marketing. We take initiatives for ranking and visibility on search engine results pages for our clients.
We focus on computer-generated activities that stimulate in integrating with the world. Augmented Reality service helps you move around in the real world, whereas Virtual Reality services focusses on the user at the same location, but you cannot see your surroundings. It gives your target audience a different experience too.